“Grande Exitos”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Some pretty raw and punchy music from these Argentinian bad boys. They label themselves as a punk/crossover band and there’s some truth in that, but there ’s  also raw thrash (they even have a song called “Jeff Hanneman”, for Crissakes!) and some Motorheadish type material. The songs are all fast and dirty and very short. The shortness of the tunes works both for and against Vil Murra  It works for them because nothing here outstays its welcome.  It works against them because when many of these tracks really start to cook, they come to an abrupt end. I understand the reasoning behind it but some of these songs I wouldn’t have minded going an extra minute or so.

The vocals are where the pure punk side of the band comes to the forefront. No growling or roaring here…it just sounds like a pissed off slum kid from Buenos Aires yelling into the mike  There are times when it gets tedious, especially since all lyrics are in Spanish, but it fits this angry music.

If you don’t mind the shortness and rawness of it, “Grande Exitos” is definitely worth hunting down. These guys like it loud and mean!