"Deus Ex Machina"

By Sgt Deth

Back with their fourth full length album, these guys are ready to impress. With former members of Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, Decapitated, and Vader, there is no lack of talent or experience here. I first remember hearing of this band back in 2002 when they had a limited release of 666 copies signed in blood called “Moonastray”. That was a split album with Black Altar, and only released in Poland. It kind of made a name for themselves in black metal history.

Their new release, “Deus Ex Machina”, is not lacking any black metal hooks. Any true black metal fan will just love this. It goes right in to the doom, gloom and growls that sure sounds like it comes from the pit of hell, with the first track “Halflight”. A lot of good effects throughout every track, good background symphonics, and an overall thump that separates this from other black metal artists. Every time I listed to this CD, I find myself delving in to a different aspect of the sounds. One time I concentrate on the amazingly fast drums, next time I may pick apart the awesome guitar work and solos, other times I may attempt to figure out the creepy background synthesized evilness.

One of my favorite tunes is “Vortex” which really reminds me of Vader and is extremely fast and in your face. Then there is another favorite of mine, “Disgrace” which I can tell has many influences from their past bands and has many change ups and is overall epic sounding. Then I must mention the final track “Scar” with its diabolic and agonizing sounding vocals. "Deus" will not disappoint any true black metal fan and I highly suggest this for any fan that wants a truly dark and talented ride that has a lot going on all the way through. Huge talent on this one, don’t miss out.