“By Thunder and Lightning”

By Theron Moore

Verbal Razors is a crossover thrash act formed in 2008 in Tours, France.  “By Thunder And Lightning” is the band’s third full length rager – they have one EP as well.  For the last decade, give or take a few years, retro thrash has enjoyed quite the ride and thankfully the Razor guys have delivered a pretty decent record in an already cluttered arena of bands trying to make Nuclear Assault and D.R.I. jealous.

“By Thunder And Lightning” is 13 songs of pure speedy thrashniess that, for once, doesn’t sound like anyone else!  Now, in all fairness, I did reference Nuclear Assault above but that band comes through more as an influence than being copied outright like other bands of this ilk commonly do.  Verbal Razors are their own entity, for sure but you can hear slight tinges of a Black Flag (think Ron Reyes and Keith Morris) influence that comes through on songs like “Trash” and “Riot,” as well as Kurt Brecht (D.R.I.) on “Jump Into Dead End.”

Now before we get carried away and dub Verbal Razors the saviors of thrash N roll, let’s be clear on this, they’re not reinventing the speed metal wheel they’re simply doing it better with originality than many of their peers.  What also elevates this record is the production quality that adds a layer of crunch and heaviness that takes it next level.  All in all, I really like this record and I very much recommend buying it.  The Razor dudes nail it pretty well and draw a fair amount of blood with “By Thunder And Lightning.”  I’d definitely rate it 4 out of 5 patches on a battle vest.  Thrash on!