"Drowning In Circles"

By Dr/ Abner Mality

Listening to Israel's VENOMOUS SKELETON is like walking through a midnight graveyard choked with the miasma of the dead. This is a new name to reckon with when it comes to creepy-crawly death metal drenched with eerie doom. There's plenty of grisly death-doom bands stalking the planet right now and this specialized sub-genre is starting to collapse under its own weight. This trio puts enough quirks into their version so they stand out from many clone bands.

They get the creepy, cobwebbed feeling right off the bat, but there's also an epic and even majestic feel to many of their riffs that is seldom found. I suspect VENOMOUS SKELETON are heavy duty CANDLEMASS and NECROS CHRISTOS fans. The music is also extremely morbid. The arpeggiated guitar licks of "Tomb of the Restless Soul" give way to some massively ponderous riffs. The title track is a lumbering, ghoulish song that ends with a death metal funeral march. The band can also deal out some blazing, almost DEICIDE level speed on "Hallucinogenic Sulfuric Mantra".

One notable aspect of VENOMOUS SKELETON are the death growls of N.D. They are subtly different from what you usually hear and come across like the grumbling of an ancient troll. It's one of several subtle touches that keeps V.S. from being just another death-doom band. I can't really find a subpar or average track here. This is a band to watch.