“Politics Versus The Erection”

By Thor

VENOMOUS CONCEPT is a grindcore supergroup masquerading as a hardcore punk band. Full disclosure: I was madly smitten with this project upon the launch of their debut album back in 2004. I mean, really...Kevin Sharp of BRUTAL TRUTH, Shane Embury and Danny Herrera of NAPALM DEATH and Buzz Osbourne of THE MELVINS! Take me now, Lord!

And then, when Osbourne left, he was replaced by...dun-dun-DUUUN...Dan-fucking-Lilker, also of BRUTAL TRUTH as well as NUCLEAR ASSAULT and S.O.D. Fuck! These guys could literally fart into a tape recorder and I’d be all over it!

But, as it turns out, they play exemplary hardcore like it’s 1985 but with an aggressive grind edge to it. It’s been truly great for 3 albums now so when I received the promo for their latest opus “Politics Versus The Erection”, I had little doubt that I’d love it. And guess what? I FUCKING LOVE IT!

“Politics Versus The Erection” is 13 tracks of straight forward aggro-punk that’s pissed off, catchy, heavy and killer sounding. There is zero wheel-reinventing going on here, nor should there be. These men do precisely what you’d expect them to and they do it fantastically, amazingly well. And since there might be a few world affairs happening lately that might be good inspirational fodder for grizzled old punks on either side of the proverbial pond to breathe fire from within a cacophonous, musically anarchic whirlwind, well…

If you’re a fan of these guys other bands or outfits like POISON IDEA, BLACK FLAG or SYSTEMIC DEATH, go online or mask up and get to a record store and buy this fucker! NOW!