"Kick Me Silly VCIII"

 by Thor

Venomous Concept is back and the grindcore all-stars’ take on hardcore punk is more potent than ever!

Kick Me Silly VCIII is another twenty tracks of great, heavy hardcore and given the composition of this band—it features members of Brutal Truth and Napalm Death—this bastard-thing of an album is infused with all the best grind tropes, but never to the point of leaving being the pissed off confines of the mid-80s punk aesthetic.

Tracks such as “Busy with your Debt,” “Farm Boy,” “Head on a Stick,” and “Frontal Lobe Disorder” juxtaposed against songs like “Johnny Cheeseburger,” “Good Times,” and “Holiday in Switzerland” create that quintessentially hardcore piss-‘n-vinegar Molotov cocktail blend of anarchical counter-insurgence to the system with sarcastic, ironic FUCK-YOUs.  In the era of Donald-fucking-Trump, it’s truly cathartic.

Musically this album is, again, punk as fuck with a grindcore musculature.  There’s d-beat all over the place with blast passages and counterclockwise, skank-inducing surf parts throughout. This material in a live venue would make my old ass go ape shit.  It’s as simple as that.  

Venomous Concept’s Kick Me Silly VCIII is a fantastic album.  Grind heads and punks rejoice!