"Scions of Aether"

By Octopi Mills

I have the feeling I've run into these men before, but cannot recall the affair. The cover art makes me judge others in ways in which I cannot regret and in manners in which I am nearly always right. I know, however, that when men meddle around with "Post Rock" and terms of black metal and '"doom" that they often stray for the worse in attempting to honestly pioneer something new.  More often they grandfather themselves in the sickly mustard yellows that we find in a pack of cards like the Rider- Waite tarot deck. One often wonders how seriously others are when they throw around concepts like "Scions of Aether" or how deep matters of the heart run in titles like "Confluence of Entropic Umbra"... it never amazes me in this sort of word play.

 The progressive elements attempt to build things with many different styles, resulting in a stone soup sort of sound, and the aim is as high as the intent. Some things are mentioned that this album does, like how it is "breaking free of convention" or how it is "fearlessly shedding the confines of the genre".This paired with the descriptions of it being "mature" and "breathtaking' is also paired with our old friend Billy-by god- Anderson at the controls, feeling with his feelers all over the sliders, doing an honest days work and wasting nearly as many of my hours as anyone of his renown possibly could..

 The thing that happens, though, is that is goes too many places without having ever found heart nor home in any, really, and it sounds confused and lke a fringe phenomenon. Chimerical, multi-faceted, and as boring as hell at the same time, but mastered and mixed well, that is true. One can tell by the album covers what one will hear nearly every time, and I was not surprised  to compare it, without even hearing it, to something like what today's Enslaved might have done- in the way and in the terms of pairing ill fitting things that have no real identity. It can be a huge waste of time if your expecting something new just because they said it was such things as I have mentioned,