"Outer Isolation"

By Dr. Abner Mality

When you look to the sky on a clear night and see the celestial tapestry of uncounted stars above your head, it's hard to find words to describe that cosmic scene. The same thing happens to me when I try to adequately describe the metallic phenomenon known as Vektor. With their second album "Outer Isolation", this space-inspired band finds itself in a place where no words easily come to mind to express the brilliance of what they do.

But I'll give it a shot. Imagine a race of superior beings stranded on Earth with heavy metal as their only means of communication. To tell their story, they compose metal with the raging speed of Slayer and Kreator, the angular oddity of classic Voi Vod, the guitar driven intensity of Atheist and the prog/jazz spaciness of Cynic. Just to give a crude run-down of their musical influences. Now imagine they also bring their own voice to this structured chaos, topped off by harsh sand-paper vocals and ear-piercing screams beyond the ability of King Diamond. Imagine they take all these elements and compose actual songs...mega-complex yet flowing songs. Imagine they put these songs on CD, vinyl or audiofiles. Then imagine no more, because you're listening to "Outer Isolation".

Your brain is gonna be fried after hearing the immense likes of "Cosmic Cortex", "The Venus Project"  and "Tetrastructural Minds". It would take me 10 paragraphs to break down each song, much less the entire album. Yet never forget that Vektor is 100% THRASH METAL and that is always the bedrock of what they do. But unlike the horde of retro-thrashers seeking to turn the time machine back to 1987, these guys look to the future both figuratively and literally and attempt to push the boundaries of what they do.

It can occasionally get exhausting, but much more often it's exhilerating. Next time you see a new star shining brightly in the sky, think of Vektor and "Outer Isolation".