"Patricidal Lust"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Once in a while, we get a band that really does sound like they belong in the glory days of their genre. California's Vastum is one of these. This is morbid early 90's death metal in all its glory, something that can nestle cozily next to the likes of Incantation and Autopsy. I knew these guys were the goods when I heard their first effort "Carnal Law". "Patricidal Lust" is a worthy follow-up in every way, vomiting forth six rotting examples of murky death metal darkness.

To be sure, there are suddenly a lot of bands trying to navigate these swamps of deadly sludge (many of the best hailing from Australia now) but Vastum has the conviction to succeed. First cut "Libidinal Spring" is quite the gruesome morsel, but the neck-snapping groove of "Enigma of Disgust" really gets the ball rolling. This is ghoulish primitivism at its best! There's more where that came from...doomy grooves pop up in the title track and "Repulsive Arousal". Vocals are the general grumbling growls one would expect, with some feminine beastly howlings tossed in to spice things up. I gather the subject matter of Vastum deals almost exclusively with sexual depravity, so a good time is assured for all!

For all its familiarty, "Patricidal Lust" just sounds RIGHT. Vastum doesn't overdo it or underdo it. These guys are pros and contain members of such well-regarded underground acts as Acephalix and Hammers of Misfortune. That quality shines through and "Patricidal Lust" is a march into a world of unrelenting musical darkness.