"Goat of Iniquity "

By Dr. Abner Mality

One of the song titles here is “Divine Halls of Obscurity” and that seems to describe where Valdur dwells. It would be hard to find a band less concerned with the music business and the so-called "scene” 'than these maniacs from the Bloody Mountain. They arrive with no warning, destroy everything, then return to the shadows.

“Goat of Iniquity” is a strange regression to utterly bestial and primitive realms, showing no hint of progression,  “Divine Halls of Obscurity Pt. 1” erupts from white noise into an engulfing mass of death metal rawness. The word “bestial” gets overused a lot in connection with this music, but here no other term makes sense. This is primal savagery. They up the ante with “Goat of Iniquity/Devouring the Whore of Darkness”.  This is almost ten minutes of death metal noise sounding like early Beherit colliding with Profanitca. Grueling!  Then in one of Valdur's many quirks,  we have “Divine Halls of Obscurity Pt. 2,”which reprises the earlier song but adding weird pagan shouts, strange bursts of sound and wild percussion. 

Then things take a turn to the blacker side of the fence. “Spiritual Exhaust” summons the spirit of “Transilvanian Hunger” with a slab of freezing and ultra primitive black metal. “Inhale the Floodgates Open” continues in a similar vein with more weird sound textures added. Finally, this brief excursion into Demonic realms concludes with an almost unlistenoble noisescape that sounds like a glass factory blowing up in hell.

If they would have ditched this last "tune" and added another DM style track,  I think the result would have been better. But Valdur has no care what anyone thinks. This is as raw and back to the bone as music can be without losing all structure and sanity. This is extremely music the Valdur way.