“Divine Cessation”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Valdur rises from their darkened abyss once more to torment the world with their blistering brand of blackened death metal. These guys don’t get the attention they deserve. Perhaps they don’t want it. All they do is release brain-blasting death metal every couple of years with little fanfare.

This is real textbook stuff, the perfect mixture of black and death metal, with a little quirkiness tossed in to keep things interesting. I honestly can’t imagine a more ripping open cut than “Breath of the Beast”. The production makes the song sound like a mountain collapsing on top of you. The riffing sometimes sounds more black but the blatant heaviness is something a lot of BM lacks. Throw on top of that vocals that sound like Belial vomiting in a wind tunnel and you have something extremely brutal.
All tunes here rage, but “The Tail” and “Potent Black Orb” are two standouts. “The Tail” just throbs with crushing malice while “Potent Black Orb” has catchy “militant” style riffing and some odd injections of dark synth to liven things up. Great stuff! 

I wish Valdur got more recognition but I for one can’t wait for their next eruption of evil magma!