By Dark Starr

Vajra’s brand of progressive rock is unique and powerful. Comparisons to Tool are a good place to start, but the female vocals lend something entirely different to the picture. In addition, the space rock atmosphere’s are awesome. When you listen to the instrumentals "India" and "Akkord Pleromy", the spacy, cosmic side of Vajra really comes to the fore. When they combine it with Tool-like heaviness and groove on "Inside the Flame" and "3:14", the result is magical and gives this record a texture that is extremely unique. There's a touch of classic Rush on "Blind" as well and the album ending "The Apple"  is a smooth example of modern progressive rock.

This is more or less a combination of Tool, space rock, modern progressive rock and bits of world and tribal sounds. There aren’t huge differences from song to song, but that doesn’t mean this feels redundant by any means. It’s a powerful disc that entertains from beginning to end.