“Solitude In Madness”

By Dr. Abner Mality

VADER and labelmates OVERKILL are the most reliable bands on the metal scene. Months before there was any announcement, I knew 2020 would see a new VADER full length. To quote the late great Leon White, it’s VADER time!

Is there anything different from the Polish thrash/death metal legends this time? Not really, but “Solitude In Madness” is clearly one of their fastest and most ferocious albums. This is a half hour kick in the nuts that features VADER just cutting loose and doing what they’ve done for almost 40 years now! In fact, first song “Shock And Awe” is just a warm-up. An OK thrasher, it’s far from the most lethal bullet here. Second tune “Into Oblivion” is a better snapshot of the album as a whole...heavier, faster, more bludgeoning. This album hits all aspects of VADER;s sound.  “Incinerator of the Gods” and “And Satan Wept” veer towards the SLAYER-ish end of the band’s spectrum. “Emptiness” sounds like JUDAS PRIEST jacked up and fed steroids. Two cuts “Despair” and “Stigma of Divinity” are under two minutes in length and are pure speed explosions. There’s a cover of cult Polish band ACID DRINKERS’ “Dancing In The Slaughterhouse” that’s full of crunch and groove. But the best is saved for last, as “Bones” is just one earth-shattering mother fucker of a death/thrash song, delivered with an intensity almost impossible for a band that’s been around this long and featuring some of the best riffs of VADER’s career.

Through it all, the stone-grinding vocals of Peter remained locked on target. Only real disappointment is that the album sports the usual generic Nuclear Blast drum sound. It sounds like the same guy drums with the same production on virtually every NB album. Not enough to spoil the impact of “Solitude In Madness”, though. The ultra-cynical may call the band generic, but this album is one of the most intense of VADER’s venerable career.