"The Empire"

By Sgt Deth

The Polish thrash metal giant Vader is back for their 13th studio album. I have been a huge fan of Vader since their 1993 release The Ultimate Incantation and have never been disappointed with any of their albums. Some are better than others, and this would be one that is genuinely better. They have honed their skills over the last 30+ years and you can hear proof on this one. Of course you will be impressed by their awesome musicianship, but there is more to this album than the others in the past. I would say it is catchier and more unique than other new thrash metal albums from older bands recently. It is kind of short compared to other Vader CDs, but I still feel that I got my money’s worth. The unique riffs and perfectly insane guitar solos make it a great metal package.
There are some hyper speed guitar and drums throughout. However, there are also some medium paced riffs that help divide it up well. Peter’s vocals are still the same tried and true ruff and gruff, yet are powerful sounding and come through loud and clear. This is also the best produced sound of any Vader album in my opinion. It is very crisp and clean and the distortion is done perfectly.  

My favorite song from this new one is currently Iron Reign. It gives a perfect example of how they can slow down a little, yet still blow your head off. I could see how some of the songs may blur together slightly for an untrained ear. I am a huge fan, so maybe I am a little better at following their Vader style, but I also think that a first time fan can separate the songs out well after listening to it a few times. This is a must have for any dedicated Vader fan and I think that anyone that has never heard Vader before would be impressed after hearing it. And those that have not liked Vader in the past should listen to this more than once before gathering an opinion.