"Random Cosmic Violence"

by Octopi Mills

The paranoid noise of something like machines begins messing with my head like some bad uncle who fondles cold chicken tenders when i listen to the opening of what i know will be long, lumbering tracks, slothful in import and hollering and baying like some old Isis shit I pawned for a corporate cheese burger when i used to eat things without knowing what was behind it all; I know this because i have been in the game too long, and we shall see if I am right by glancing over the promo. One bit of advice i would give at this time to the promo designers that will fall on deaf ears is this: include lyrics in promos. Why? Because not every reviewer is as curious as I, and most are too lazy. Lyrics enhance this one here, after I find them through other means, because one must be serious in such a business as this...How much does it enhance it, might you ask? Enough to make it more enjoyable? Perhaps....

Everyone knows by now that I am quite scathing for my own reasons and I am sure as this continues it will be just that, but i will wait as patiently as these guys wait in their delivery. What kind of music is it even, since we are creatures bound by words and most things can be bound in words? It is what the men of word call "sludge" or "doom" with "death" elements, and one can run them together and make new words and so on and so on...there are psychedelic sorts of moments, though not in the literal sense of the genre, as there are other pieces and parts of electronic and there...though it feels like more of an Isis or Neurosis sort of "doom" to me if i were to casually label it..When the lyrics stop making sense I no longer care of the message, nor who makes the laws. An encumbering affair unfolds, like watching an iron golem stumble around or like watching someone make a pastry from scratch, though without the awards either of these visions could afford. Chords bumble around slowly with drum beats while I envision stoned youths obtaining enlightenment in the dim light of a  bargain basement bipartisan act; a band that is a democratic in signing off their own declarations of independence whilst scouring conspiracy theories on the world wide web.

All in a night, as they say, and not without work.The van in the promo pictures will transport them, I feel, to their music's destiny far and outward, and I wish them the best, honestly, because its not terrible music, really, though it is questionable as to where it has came and where it will go. And if that damn van holds up I will feel it will be in the next promo photos.