“Argentum” EP

By Dr. Abner Mality

This is a pretty weird one. An oddball Finnish band that is basically black metal but with a lot of strange twists. Not sure if I like it or not. It’s a 6 song EP but you can ignore the first track which is basically just a didgeroo. The rest of it is fast and dissonant black metal that occasionally side tracks into quirky alt-rock.

Each of the five tracks is roughly similar but what really makes Urarv odd are the vocals. They are all over the place and I’m convinced most of them are tongue in cheek. I actually broke out laughing at a couple of points…at some times, it sounds like a barking dog or a yowling cat. Once the singer went “Wow, wow, WOOOOW!” which is crazy. Quite a bit also sounds like the fast jabbering of a mental patient, sometimes muttering, sometimes wailing. You have to hear it to understand.

The actual playing is very tight and on point. I was entertained by Urarv, but I can’t say it’s anything I’ll listen to regularly and a full LP would probably be way too much to endure.