"Clinic For Dolls"

by Dark Starr

The whole female fronted epic metal sound has become a bit of a cliche. What at one time seemed novel has become rather trite. It's hard to stand out in this field as being original and unique. I would say that Unsun fail to develop a unique identity within the genre. That said, they do deliver an album that works quite well within the limitations of their chosen musical style. While it comes close to feeling samey at a couple points, they always manage to change things up just enough to keep it interesting.

The diverse membership of the band helps give it some extra drive. Guitarist "Mauser" used to thrash out with the Polish death metal legends Vader, and he gives the guitar sound a more powerful crunch than is typical for the genre. Bassist Heinrich has played for heavyweights like Decapitated and Vesania while drummer Vaaver works with Polish prog band Indukti. These guys help give Unsun a very heavy foundation for singer Aya to weave her ethereal vocals over.  At the end of the day, it's a good album in a musical style that makes it hard to excel.