By Dr. Abner Mality

You're not going to pick up this album if you're expecting to hear a musical tribute to Beck. There is no violation of "truth in advertising" here. Grindcore you want, grindcore you get. But is the kind that makes you violent jump around the room or the kind that lays there like a rock, inert and immobile?

Get yet jumpin' boots on. Unrest mostly deliver the goods. Especially if you were a fan of the great Nasum, who probably challenged Napalm Death for the title of the best grind band ever. The short, brutal but articulate songs here echo Nasum, starting right away with "We're Calling You Out", which again very much lives up to its title. The early barrage from this trio is violent but predictable, blasting through stuff like "Inaction" and "Quit". But when we reach the center of "Grindcore", a noticeable shift takes place. "Faith Is A Hearse" is Bolt Thrower heavy, a lumbering doomy beast of a track that is crushing. When the speed comes later, it is devastating!

The next few tracks exhibit lengthier and more thought out hooks....great riffs lurk within "Nothing" (That's All You Have To Give), "Identity In the Internet Age" and the bruising "Consumption". Nasum, too, did more than just mindlessly beat their guitars. Unrest follows that tradition here. Unfortunately, the last two tracks seem to be the most average....they rage, but seem by the numbers.

Unspeakable Axe Records makes few mistakes when it comes to choosing bands. Unrest does nothing to convince me otherwise.