"Darkness In The Light"

By Prof. Jocko

If the Grim Reaper had a favorite band, it would be Unearth. Now that they are on their fifth album, they have proven themselves as one of the true metal bands that are here to stay, but able to carve their own path through a musical style that is so popular today. Whether this is your first time hearing these guys, or if you’re a seasoned veteran fan, “Darkness In The Light” has such intricate musical dynamics combined with the ball-breaking vocals of Trevor Phipps that makes this a monumental record that stands alone. The opening track, "Watch It Burn" is a triumphant song that really shows the combined strength of all members of the band. The guitars alone make this particular track an explosive introduction to set the course for the rest of the album. The next several songs definitely follow suit as the sheer power of each note is combined in a rhythm that makes for something truly unique. What I mean is that yes, it is fast, and yes it is heavy, but it isn’t just random noise…the arrangement of each verse and chorus works so well with the accuracy of the guitars that you would think that it is comparable to a symphony on steroids. Tracks such as "Eyes of Black", "Arise the War Cry" and "Equinox" are proof that Unearth is truly talented and have earned every bit of recognition through hard work and determination.

One of my personal favorites is a track called "Coming of the Dark", which seems to demonstrate the extraordinary vocal ability of Trevor Phipps. The short, choppy guitar riffs set the pace for something that really pounds through your eardrums. One of the many things that I find amazing about these guys is that each of them has such an individual musical quality that contributes to such a tightly-knit unit that seems to work effectively off of each other. It’s not just a typical line-up of a singer, drummer, guitar & bass player. Buz McGrath possesses such an exquisite musical quality that his guitar becomes an extension of his talent that is taken to a new level which is almost surreal. Songs such as "The Fallen" and "Disillusion" reflect a feeling akin to Synyster Gates of Avenged Sevenfold. They are currently touring across the U.S. with the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival, so check them out if you get a chance.