“Aldrig I Livet”

By Dr. Abner Mality

UNDERGANG is back and has broken the record for the most retching noises, pus gargling and sickening rasps on a single album. I knew they could do it! Even Kam Lee would have to be impressed with the sheer amount of corpse gurgles on “Aldrig I Livet”.

As if you hadn’t already guessed, UNDERGANG is death metal for the sickest of the sick. Fuck technicality and fuck songcraft...these cats just straight out go for the grossest songs possible, with a special emphasis on dismal doom-death. They are a step even beyond AUTOPSY and ASPHYX when it comes to dragging, morbid tempos. Those are liberally mixed with all out blasts and distorted lead guitar noise. Lyrics and song titles are all in Danish, but with the sick vocals of D. Torturdod, that’s pretty irrelevant.

The album is surely enjoyable for those who prefer the more subterranean and rawer forms of death. Think of a European version of long ago demo faves ROTTREVORE. Most of UNDERGANG’s stuff sounds pretty much the same, but if you like some musical accompaniment to your corpse-hacking and binge-watching of “Nekromantik”, it really fits the bill.