By Derelikt Waugh

Alright, let's cut right down to the rotten meat of this malicious fucker, shall we? Danish sickos Undergang have been spewing out their own reeking bloodstew of rancid, tar-thick death metal since 2010. Four albums in now, and they have become a finely down-tuned death metal juggernaut, heavy enough to level every boarded-up house on your block and turn every living being within hearing range into a mindless, headbanging zombie. If you've heard Undergang's older material, then you kinda know what to expect, but on "Misantropologi", Undergang has perfected their primitive, knuckle-dragging, cave-howling caucophony. Yes, it's an uber-distorted, down-tuned-to-the-guts-of-Hell affair ( much like previous efforts), but this time around, Undergang has added a splatter of gore-drenched groove and even the occasional, hauntingly morose melodic strain to ensure that the proceedings don't grow overly monotonous, but certainly remain monstrous.

 If I had to really nail it down, I'd say Undergang's nasty, savage sound is something akin to a malodorous, muccous-drenched mixture of mid-tempo, Swedish rot n' roll grooves, the overall execution and gut-puking vokill delivery of Finnish favorites like Demilich and Demigod, laced with a lethal dose of early Carcass worship. If this description makes Undergang sound utterly unpleasant and somewhat frightening to the unwitting, uninitiated listener, that's because they are precisely that. Undergang exists solely to pummel the listener into a quivering mass of flesh-pulp and then shit on whatever's left. They are here to drag death metal back into the seething swamp, choke it's mangy carcass and leave it at the bottom of the lightless murk, never to see the sun again. Undergang has no intention of making death metal that's nice and accessible. They are here only to make the ugliest and utterly cruel sounds and generally fuck up your life. Reccomended for real freaks and diseased minds only.