“The Night Creeper”

By Moon Beast

Uncle Acid's 2015 album titled "The Night Creeper" pops the album off with the track "Waiting For Blood", which is a heavy and stoney song. These guys have a different sound compared to your average doom/stoner band. In track 2, "Murder Nights" things begin to sound a bit more somber and evil, and the lyrics do as well. The track ends with some trippy fade outs with the lyrics, "I know you love murder nights..." 

"Downtown" fires off with some cool guitar riffs and more sexy lyrics about murder. The album itself seems to be a concept album about murdering ladies of the night. The song continues with a great solo and some high capping off. Now we have "Pusher Man". The riffs are great and hard hittting as hell, with obvious sabbath influences. One of the things I like about this band is that they are obviously sabbath influenced, but they have their own badass vibe going on. Pusher Man is a perfect example of this.

Now we have the instrumental track "Yellow Moon", which opens with a nicely atmospheric and stoney intro, which fades into some nice tasteful leads. I get a certain Pink Floyd vibe from this song in a GOOD way, which is nice for a change.

Oh boy, up next is the track MELODY LANE! This song is great. The riffs, vocals, everything is top notch. I particularly love the lyrics on this song... "I'm not the kind to kill her/I just want drugs to thrill her/We'll spend the night together... MEEEELODY LAAAANE!!" I cannot stress enough to you readers how good of a vocalist Kevin Starrs is. Now the track "The Night Creeper" begins with another strong melody, which slowly unwinds and then speeds up.  Eventually unraveling into an interesting ballad of sorts. This song finishes up with yet another good solo.

The next song, "Inside" which opens up with some very galloping riffs, which continue through the song, but with interesting variation. The drums and vocals are particularly cool sounding on this one. The final track, "Slow Death" starts very slow and relaxed. This is a song where I think you can tell just how dynamic these guys can actually get. I sense something almost reminiscent of Zeppelin on this one, and again, this is a good thing. 

The album ends with a fantastic untitled track that delves into the realms of nymph-like acoustics and nice sound. Think something like "Planet Caravan" and you are not far off from the realms of this one. Something should be said for the warm production that this album has. It is far from overproduced, and all instruments sound good. "The Night Creeper" is an album I would recommend, and is also one the best stoner/doom albums I have heard in a while.