“Total War”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Mean and ugly is the best way to describe Ulvedharr’s brand of music. Not sure where these guys are from, but they sounds like they could be Uruk-Hai orcs right out of Tolkien. The style they play is VERY raw thrash drawn mostly from German roots, but peppered with a little black metal flavor.

Like so many records I hear today, there’s nothing very unique or distinct about Ulvedharr, but they sure know how to keep things rough and angry. The sound on “Total War” is bristling with low-tuned, murky guitar and braced with gruff vocals.  There’s a lot of energy here and that helps carry them past rough spots. “Wolves” has some of that black metal feel while “Flagellum Dei” and the surprising “Krigaren” are longer tunes with a lot of tempo changes and some interesting riffs. “Inquisition” and “The Dark Age” almost have a Swedish death metal influence with super-heavy and rumbling down tuned guitar.

This is some good European thrash that will kick your teeth in and make you like it!