By Lord Randall

 To be in a band signed to the esteemed Neurot Recordings often lends itself to listeners commenting on how such and such band “came into their own” once under the Neurot banner. At its mildest, this logic is unfair to both the label and the band who busted its collective ass to get to that point. At its most baldfaced, it’s utter bullshit. 

 Neurot is no “farm team” or grooming salon, but a collective, same as Malleus, the arts community from which sprung (and still exists within) Italy’s UFOMAMMUT. Counting 2012’s Oro project as one work, this year’s 8 is – surprise! – the trio’s 8th full length released in just shy of UFOMAMMUT’s 20th year as a band, and their comfort in playing together comes through within ‘Babel’, yet herein lies my concern. Is it possible for a band, especially one so sonically fluid as this, to “lose their fire”, simply content to play off of what’s worked before without any glance to the horizon? We’ve all seen outfits toss out albums that – while expectantly good – still come across as half-hearted…lackadaisical, some may say. In the case of 8, ‘Fatum’ proves my worries vis-a-vis UFOMAMMUT unfounded. Somewhat HULL in execution, yet ST. VITUS in ethos, there’s a hypnotic call and depth that can’t be faked, especially when the song collides into ‘Prismaze’, the three stopping on a dime and making a perfect 90 degree turn without leaving the listener to feel aurally whiplashed in the process. 

‘Psyrcle’ allows the tapestry to fall back over the door to UFOMAMMUT’s world, heavy as granite, yet subtly so, resulting in an album that may feel days long, and the sensation of lost time as the last notes die…but time well spent. For fans of space travel, Terence McKenna and fractal-type shit.