By Dr. Abner Mality

This is seriously one of the heaviest things you are ever gonna hear. That is not a statement made lightly. Ufomammut is not a new name in the doom/psych scene, but with "Ecate", they've crossed the bridge and delivered by far their most immense effort yet. If you played this at full volume next to an old building set for demolition, I guarantee that sucker would crumble.

Ufomammut's primal blend of sludge and psychedelic songcraft has been distilled down to its utter essence here. Although there are long tracks, everything seems natural and compact, with no needless dragging as so many similar bands fall prey to. Every second here is a trip to another dimension. And my God, what a bass sound they have dredged out of the catacombs!

"Somnium" leads the way and starts with some ultra-cool spacy synth tones. Real mind expanding space rock stuff. Then that MONSTER bass starts to throb and ultimately the wall of death guitar riffing kicks in. This is trance inducing mega-heaviness that feels like getting flattened by a mountain. "Plouton" follows and is much shorter, more upbeat and to the point....a pacy kick in the head of sludge metal.

"Chaosecret" builds and builds. It's like getting hit with waves of water at first....then the water becomes thick oil and finally it's like a wave of liquid concrete. That bass riff...such a fucking beast! It propels this song like the blast wave of an atom bomb. Layers of odd vocals and subtle but deep synthesizer are added. If you think you would get any relief after this 10 minute behemoth, no chance! "Temple" starts with brutal sludge rifferama and doesn't let up from there! Mercy, mercy! We get a little with "Revelation", which creates another cosmic soundscape from synthesizer tones. Sounds like the guys who did the original "Dr. Who" theme got stoned and jammed out. The album ends with another massive droning crush, "Daemons", which gradually tapers into something delicate and chilling after your beating has been delivered. Samples upon samples of indistinct speech push your brain into the red zone...they become an instrument unto themselves here!

This is a genuine sludge/doom/psych masterpiece in an era when a lot of average crap gets released in the genre. "Ecate" is the best thing I've heard Ufomammut do and I'm looking forward to seeing them live on tour this year. Do not miss this mind-bending experience!