“Rain After Drought”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Italy’s Tytus have come up with a fairly pleasant example of melodic thrash mixed with traditional metal elements. “Rain After Drought” is not an album for those craving rabid flesh eating thrash like the primitive German and South American varieties. This is more for those who like the more tasteful side of Metallica, Megadeth , Testament and the like, with shredding solos, melodic vocals and a more measured kind of aggression. It also reminds me of a lot of old British thrash bands like Xentrix and Toranaga.

There are some rather bland moments, but the album subtly creeps up on you and delivers some good, if derivative, songcraft.  Cuts like “Our Time Is Now”, “Death Throes” and “Move On Over” definitely lean to the speedier side of the equation while “The Dark Wave” and the two part title track seem to be a bit more like Metal Church or Savatage. The vocals are unobtrusive but also inoffensive…they don’t have an obvious Italian accent and the lyrics seem a bit better than most Italian bands as well.

A good album that gives a strong foundation to build on, but not one that’s going to have you foaming at the mouth and bashing your head with spikes.