"Horns In The Dark"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Pure rotten death metal straight out of the tomb here! Tyrant Goatgaldrakona is a two man bomb squad from Hungary and they've vomited up one of the most primal albums I've heard in a while. These days there are so many dark and murky Incantation style bands that only the best of the best can make an impression. Well, here we have such a band. Imagine the cadaverous gore of Incantation's "Onward To Golgotha", the putrid ichor of Japan's Coffins and the dismal doom of Disma mixed together with an extra dollop of catchiness and you have the essence of "Horns In the Dark".

I gather this is actually a couple of years old, but Blood Harvest is releasing it on vinyl for the first time. A great way to jump aboard this rocket from the crypt! "The Mountains of Irkalla" starts this mother off with a thunderous roar and a lightning pace. This cut is a bit longer and fast than most of T.G.'s stuff but right away the power of the riffing will grab you. There's something about the riffs these guys write that is just ultra-morbid and groovy. All the songs feature these headbanging hooks, but "Church of Fire" and "Dawn of Decay" are almost illegal with their sheer destructive catchiness. The album lasts a bare 30 minutes but during this time, you will be begging for Tyrant Goatgaldrakona to spare your worthless life!

Original? No! But this is dark, primal and putrid death metal at its highest level. These fiends need to be better known!