“Weight of Oblivion”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Energetic but generic death/thrash is the best way to describe what Finland’s Tyrant Disciple are up to here. Actually, “energetic but generic” describes most of what I hear on Inverse Records. This band plays with a savage fury and that helps elevate “Weight of Oblivion” to a listenable level. But not much higher than that.

The record blasts off to a great start with its best song, “The Great Dead One”. I can’t tell you how many records I hear that start with the best track and then never measure up again. Anyway, this one is a violent mixture of balls-out thrash played with death metal distortion and angry vocals. Very enjoyable tune but that’s the top dog here. I think “Long Live the King” and “Bringer of Pain” come fairly close to this intensity again, but most of the other tracks like “Cancer” and “Blood Countess” (Gee, I wonder who that is about??) just seem to be boilerplate death/thrash that sounds like a ton of other bands.

At no point do Tyrant Disciple let up on the gas, though, so if you’re not really picky and are looking for a brutal kick in the pants, you could sure do a lot worse than “Weight of Oblivion”.