By Theron Moore

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a big fan / defender of melodic metal.  And I like it all.  Especially 80’s metal.  But “Reach” from Tyketto is just plain bad.  The vocals seem restrained and the music comes across weaker than anything Trixter or Nelson ever did.  And that in and of itself ain’t good. 

Nothing congeals, nothing feels like it comes together on “Reach” and it sucks.  And I find myself going back and re-listening to this record and being let down over and over. And I like Tyketto -- 1991’s “Don’t Come Easy,” what a great disc – but this one, nah.  It lacks edge and bite.

The first three songs of any record should set the pace and the mood for the fan as well as any casual listener.  I should be able to get the point, the vibe of the music the band is trying to express in this timeframe.  “Reach” is a reach.  It’s a reach for something that rocks or purports to rock.  It teases, it draws you in but ultimately falls off a cliff.  

“Big Money” comes charging out of the gate with the potential of being a rocker and only makes it three quarters of the way.  It never delivers that 1-2 punch it feels like it could’ve / should’ve.  The tempo feels slow and the vocals restrained.  Danny Vaughn has pipes, I know this, but you get it on “Reach.”  And I’ll tell what else or, rather, who else is lacking – the crunch guitar of Brooke St. James.  His guitar is sorely missed on this record.

“Kick Like A Mule” has no kick to it.  Third song.  Yawn.  As if this record couldn’t get worse, the fourth song “Circle the Wagons” is a lackluster, no energy rock ballad that never rocks.  Track six, “Tearing Down the Sky” should’ve been the highlight of “Reach” but it just laid there, gasping for air.  

Tyketto’s “Reach” should’ve been called “Failure to Launch.”  And I’m a Tyketto fan saying this.  And like I said before, it bums me out to have to write a negative review on a band I’ve been a fan of since the ‘90s.  Sorry guys.  The record doesn’t rock.  It certainly doesn’t roll.  It just kind of sits there…