“Yeth Hound”

By Dr. Abner Mality

It’s a shame when one aspect of a band spoils an otherwise sterling product. Tyfon’s Doom from Finland is a good illustration of this. The band is basically one guy, Tommi Varsala, so there’s no passing the buck here. Tommi plays every instrument and sings on “Yeth Hound” and his passion for early heavy metal is something you can feel.

This is yet another project seeking to recreate the musty, murky glory of the NWOBHM. Galloping riffs and intricate solos Tyfon’s Doom has aplenty, so there’s little reason to complain there. What brings everything down a notch are Varsala’s flat, amateurish vocals. I know he is trying to recreate the unfiltered, untrained sound of many of the old obscure NWOBHM bands,but he’s too obvious. The vocals are tuneless, nasal and often can’t hold up with the music. And a lot of the vocal lines that Varsala writes for tunes like “Still Here” are hamfisted and awkward. The last two cuts on the album, “Rapid Revival” and “Stay Down” are physically painful to listen to, the vocals are so bad.

It is a shame, because the songs themselves really jam hard. The title track is a great dark galloper like Angelwitch meeting the first Maiden album. On “Gate To A New Reality”, we have a masterful classic with great tempo changes and some amazing Mercyful Fate-like guitar shredding. I can’t fault Tyfon’s Doom for their musical chops at all…Varsala really does capture the feeling of the dawn of metal.

But his singing cripples the band. Take it from me, go out and get a professional singer in a Brian Ross or Kevin Heybourne mode, and Tyfon’s Doom will kick prodigious amounts of ass. But with Tommi moaning over the tracks, no way.