“Damaged System”

By Dr. Abner Mality

The musical cyclone known as thrash metal has reached the shores of China. Introducing Tumourboy! These Chinese maniacs are a quick and faithful study…”Damaged System” thrashes harder than many American and European efforts I’ve heard recently, including Kreator. Yep, if you are looking for thrash and nothing but, you have come to the right place!

These boys do it right. Like all Witches’ Brew albums, the production is superb so no worries about a dodgy sound from a foreign land.  They favor a “crossover” type of thrash reminiscent of D.R.I. and Nuclear Assault, but with some other influences as well. Even “Intro” is fast and heavy instead of some useless sound bite. And when “Chernobyl Devastation” kicks in, it will have you looking for a tennis racket so you can air guitar like a freak!

None of it will win points for innovation, but c’mon, these guys are from China and might very well be the first of their kind! Short screamers like “UxFxAx” are right out of the D.R.I. “Dealing With It” playbook while the longer and chunkier “Noise Beer Love” shows an Anthrax touch. The vocals are snotty and rapid paced and on the annoying side, which is actually a trademark of good crossover. The guys have set out strictly to mosh and thrash and succeed with flying colors. 

So now China has the edge in thrash metal, too. Time to get worried…