"Come the Colorless Dawn"

by Octopi Mills

After a complicated promo rambling, I sit with an intro from Finland's True Black Dawn, and the intro threatens,as if something about to happen here and now, as all black metal intros threaten. It happens fast, and rips and tears around, and the vocals are tormented and attempt to be true black metal. I must say, when you have an album called "Blood for Satan", then you must not be a pretender, unless you’re are as deeply metaphoric or at least versed with the gift of word as an author such as Arthur Machen once was; and you must have actually drawn blood for Satan to have been taken seriously. Venom had their time, and the gimmick is like a cracker box prize now, so one wonders how serious they all are. Then you are left with the problem that if one does draw such blood, they are simply a psychopath or a lesser life form. 

It is indeed hard, in such a life as we are thrown into, tosound plumb when everyone throws around so much pretend play time, and those who don't are the nuts. So where is the middle ground? I would say in a King Diamond album, perhaps, but back to this album, as I could be wrong to drop such a name... There is certainly a feeling; through the desperation of the vocals, through the lyrical themes undertaken at the men's age and after a fifteen year wait, and through the promo photos to put them in the nut camp- and under a Finnish banner, though it's widespread .

 But there's also the gimmick camp, and then there is both. I wonder if they have walked in true darkness or sat in true sorrow, or have worked dark things into being. I wonder if they have a faint idea of what they all endeavor to summon, and if they could handle it, if it were found to be true? Is this album as good as old classic black metal, even in the sprawl of such a sense? Does it stand beside the old or even the new? The answer will be no, and in many ways it will not be fair. Does it sound inspired or relevant? The answer would be yes, in some ways, but one wonders if it leaves a memory that cannot be forgotten. It is here I fail to even know such answers, and have been too serious, maybe. In doing this I have failed to do a proper review, though I know I will not buy this album. And I know that in doing so, that I have failed my readers, as well as the enemies I know I must fight against- and I am not talking about the Christians now, but the others who are just as bad when they are bad enough to even make me consider such statements without a headful of bad drugs. As it goes further, to the end, I know, in my heart, that truly, the meat product industry is more evil than this, and belongs to the nut camp to which so many seek. But we must not rule out the other camps I have failed to mention, for they are legion.  And the music, well, it mattered not at all; for the other questions overshadowed it, and in the end this makes one want to set fire to not a church, but a computer. In the end, I wonder if pop music is not more satanic than this.