"Two Tongues" EP

By Dr. Abner Mality

As Arte Johnson used to say: "Very interesting!" Wonder if anybody under 40 will get the reference?

This is a very cool and original EP of progressive metal from a two man collaboration I have not heard of before. You know you're dealing with something original when you have a hard time describing it. I guess the "post-metal" tag fits these guys, but they certainly don't sound like Neurosis or Isis. The tunes tend to sound big and the tempo is relaxed, but Trillion Red seems to be going out of their way not to be obvious about where they're coming from. I am reminded of Rush, especially around their "Hemispheres" LP, when listening to the four tunes here...just something about the ringing guitar tone, the jazzy drumming and the way the riffs are put together. But that's just me. Patrick's vocals are all over the death growls or black metal shrieks, but he varies his pitch and tone quite a bit, making the band harder to pin down. There's also some electronics and dissonance added in to further stir the pot.

These tunes are all engaging, unpredictable and generally heavy. I think Trillion Red has hit on a sound that will appeal from prog rockers to open minded extreme metallers and beyond. I am really looking forward to a full length!