"Termination Shock"

By Colonel Angus

The world of heavy metal is alive and well.  All the talk about the music scene dying is not only false but it seems that new bands are coming up every day.  TRAVELER is one of those bands that I have not heard of before so I did my due diligence and researched them.  They are a band from Canada (like my faves RUSH) and this is their second record.  I listened to their first disk to get a gauge as to how this one rates compared to their other self-titled album.  After listening to both for a while, I feel that "Termination Shock" is an improvement on their previous offering.  To my ears, the production sounds better and I like the songs more.  I have always been a fan of traditional metal and I’m glad bands like TRAVELER are keeping the genre alive.  While they are not inventing anything new, they are putting their touch on an already established sound.  Right from the start, the band makes a statement with “Shaded Mirror”  and continues through to the end.  I feel that this record has more variation to the tracks.  They incorporated some slower, moodier sections at the beginning of tracks “Diary of a Maiden” and “After the Future”.  They also have some power metal moments throughout and there is even a hint of MOTORHEAD in the title track.  Even the last track “Terra Exodus” has a number of great rhythm and tempo changes making it a great way to end the disk.

I have to give it to all the guys in the band.  There is not one person who I would say stands out because all the performances rank high.  JP Abboud has a great voice and I feel the production on "Termination Shock" captures all the highs and lows of his voice.  Matt Ries and Toryin Schadlich are a twin guitar attack to keep an eye on and the rhythm section of David Arnold (bass) and Chad Valier (drums) keep the frantic pace of these tracks tight.  As I mentioned earlier, this is not something new but "Termination Shock" is a collection of great tunes played not only well, but with passion.  They sound like they mean every note and every lyric.  This is definitely an improvement over their first album and I can’t wait to hear what they will have in store for us on their next disk.