"Ancient Brewing Tactics"

By Dr. Abner Mality

It never ceases to amaze me how a simple working man's brew like beer has turned into such a snobbish and elitist thing. The world of Craft IPAs and trendy beer bewilders me...this Mad Doctor grew up on Hamm's, Schlitz and Blatz. Now the world of extreme metal has entered the age of hipsterish hops...behold the metallic monks of Trappist!

An excursion into punkish grind and grindish punk, "Ancient Brewing Tactics" is a yeasty platter full of bad beer-related puns such as "This Means Wort" and "Swignorant" as well as blasting music. I have to admit the genius of a song called "Wolves In the Taproom" cannot be denied. Certainly the lineage of Trappist also cannot be denied...Chris Dodge of Spazz and founder of the legendary Slap A Ham Records is here, along with Crom's Phil Vera. Joining these boozy bruisers of the power violence and grind scenes is Ryan Harkins, co-owner of the Grill 'Em All burger joint, who knows a thing or two about the amber elixir. These three mow their way through 21 tracks that mix violent and raw grind with straight up punk rock. If you're a fan of stuff like Crom, Spazz and Infest, you can't go wrong with "Frank the Tank", "To The Pint" and "Garbage Human". No digi-grind here...this is pure analog fury, mixed with a variety of vocals from gang shouts to acid-guzzling growls.

Over the course of the album, it gets a bit old, but never to the point of crippling things. Lovers of groan-inducing humor and beer in its myriad forms can add extra points. It's a silly concoction and I rather doubt we'll be hearing from Trappist again, but it's impossible to dislike. Cheers!