"The Privateer"

By Dark Starr

There are some really fun moments here. I’d have to say that for my money, the best stuff is when the music incorporates pirate elements. That really sets it apart. Still, a whole set like that might start to feel one-dimensional. This is a great fun album that touches on everything from alternative rock to punk, folk and a lot more. 

Metal and punk merge on the screaming hot opener (“Pirate’s Life”). I love this song. It’s got so much energy and is tasty. The pirate lyrics add to the magic. A bit more like a cross between alternative rock and folk music, “Untitled Western” still has plenty of punk in the mix. It’s another fun cut. That much is certain. I love some of the guitar lines on this. 

Next is “Marching On” and punk, Americana and old time rock and roll collide on this energized rocker. It’s one of the coolest tunes here. Given the competition, that says a lot. Pretty much full on punk, “We Are the Many” reminds me a bit of D.O.A. It’s a killer cut, but not one of my favorites. It’s just that so much of the rest is so strong. 

“My Last and Only Friend” is a definite alcohol focused song, as the title hook is, “Whiskey, you are my last and only friend.” It’s high energy punk with Americana built into it. It’s also a strong number. There is more of a pop rock vibe to “Hollow Man.” It feels more like 1970s rock, but with a bit of that punk DIY sound in the mix. I like the variety this provides, but it’s not really one of the standouts. 

“How Do You Feel?” is another with a more mainstream rock sound. It works better than the previous one did, though. It’s got some real angry energy at play. There are some solid hooks, too. This is one of the better songs on the disc. 

I like the high energy punk rocker titled “Sailor’s Grave.” It’s a bit more melodic than the term “punk” would give away, though. This has a bit of an edge of 1960s garage rock. Either way, though, it’s tasty. A hard rocker, “The Dregs” is part Americana, part punk and all cool. It’s another standout. 

The title track is an extensive, multipart suite. It’s epic in many ways. More like a traditional Celtic folk number, I like the first part of this a lot. The violin (or should I say “fiddle”) adds a lot to the mix. This is a great song. In fact, it might be my favorite here. What it lacks in terms of power and energy it more than makes up for with style and class. They do fire out into some hard edged, fast paced punk after a while, though. In fact, it’s basically like a second song tacked onto it. That goes on for over four minutes. Then we’re brought into another mellower motif. This one is almost more like progressive rock, but the Celtic folk variety, as it starts. Eventually that evolves into hard rocking music with some great melodic guitar soloing. It’s almost like a metal tune in this section. The section works through and then fades down, becoming more proggy before it does. The sound of waves take control. From there we get an acoustic guitar based movement. That takes the song to about the fifteen minute mark. Then the tides return to end it.