“Malefic Humiliation”

By Dr. Abner Mality

I don’t know if this will be the best death metal album released in 2018, but it sure is the most fun to listen to. Torture Rack hail from Portland, Oregon and have come up with a remarkably gruesome and enjoyable record in “Malefic Humiliation”. 

Here we have 9 brutal and sick odes that bring back all the things that made Autopsy, Massacre and early Death so great. If you need modern bands to compare them to, try Gravehill and Cardiac Arrest. Each song is full of punishing, catchy groove, wild solos and corpse-like vocals. Good taste is something to be avoided the way a vampire dodges the sun. With the exception of “Corpse Revenge”, the songs are all on the efficient side, but Torture Rack has some surprising technical ability. They can change tempo and feel on the turn of a time, but not in the method of tech-death wankery. It’s more like the out of control lurching that Autopsy does. Listen to “Festering Castration” to hear what I’m talking about. And that song title also says a lot about where Torture Rack’s mind is at.

No dud tracks on this breezy little number. Even the instrumental “Found In Feces” will make your head bang. These guys are kinda like the Garbage Pail Kids of death metal…I look forward to hearing a lot more from them!