"Evighetens Darar"

By Dr. Abner Mality

The Swedish death metal nostalgia battalion has yet another addition with Torture Division, but the credentials of this crepuscular crew are mighty authentic. Let's face it, what Swedish death metal bands HASN'T Jorgen Sandstrom been involved with? Not the least of which would be Grave and Entombed. Lord K Phillipson of the Project Hate has also made his affection for sickening Stockholm sounds well known. And to top it off, we have drummer Tobias from the vile Vomitory.

Therefore, the sound of "Evighetens Darar" should surprise none. With the above personnel, I would expect it to sound like a cross between Grave and Vomitory and that's exactly what it is. The production is quite modern, so diehards hoping for the foul and fetid sounds of the demo days might be disappointed. I wasn't, though, because this shit hits you like a ton of bricks. I still think Facebreaker's "Infected" is the best Swedish-retro-death album this year, but "Evighetens Darar" is not too far behind in the running. Tunes like "Eld Och Plagor", "Overtorture" and "Righteous Fore Ensemble" (whatever the hell that means) are like phasers set to kill, full of thunderous anger, catchy riffs and Sandstrom's trademark roars.

Shame there's not a lick of individuality to be found in any of it. I suppose there wasn't meant to be, but a couple of surprises might have elevated this one from "kick ass" to "totally traumatizing". We can all settle for "kick ass" when we get it, though.