“The Infinity Complex”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Since it looks like the brilliant Vektor is now shot to hell, the world needs a new progressive thrash band with a scifi obsession. Will Canada’s Torrefy fill their giant shoes?

Not even close. This band certainly has the sci-fi thing down pat and they also can play some twisty light speed riffs. But it takes more than that to come up with a great album. There are certain spots during “The Infinity Complex” when the band impresses with an unorthodox riff played with digital precision or when the lead guitarist cuts loose with a shredding solo. But much more often, the songs drag on for too long and the “riff salad” approach becomes deadening and dull. Dragging the band down further are the vocals here. The singer has one of those shrieky black metal type voices that grates instantly and boy oh boy, do you get to hear a lot of this guy. The fucker hardly ever stops and he keeps up non-stop shrieking without taking a breath. Eventually it sounds like an angry duck quacking over blazing thrash. The music has no room to breath, the vocals are relentless. Vektor knows how to change things up and ease on the harsh vocals.

Occasionally there is a sign of the band Torrefy could be. The track “Thrashist Dictator” is well constructed despite its length and the guitar soloing is just plain killer. ‘Celestial Warfare” also has spurts of cool angular thrash and original riffing. But most of this is just a faceless high speed mush, like “Blinding the Beholder”. I breathed a sigh of relief when that was over.

No, Torrefy is not the new Vektor. I doubt if we will see the like of that band again.