"The Divine Equal"

By Dr. Abner Mality

I was happy to discover Titan's Eve, a band hailing from Vancouver, BC that should be of interest to anybody who enjoys powerful but classy heavy metal. "The Divine Equal" is a very ambitious first album, especially considering it is self-released, but these guys nail their task with ease.

The album's concept is based on Milton's "Paradise Lost", which I suppose will make hipsters groan at its pretension. Piss off and go back to your Torche and Alcest records, this is the kind of stuff that made 70's Rush and old Iron Maiden so great. Not only that, but you can really follow the story as it smoothly bounces from track to track. And the music? Well, I'd describe it as a cross between ballsy power metal (without keys or choirs) and technical thrash. Excepting a couple moments of light relief, the tunes are hard and fast and also well-arranged. As the crashing opening of "Mourning Star" leads into the surging but catchy riffs of "Judgment", fans of good metal will know they've made a find with Titan's Eve. "Becoming The Demon" and "Serpent Rising" motor along with aggression but also have groove while "Tides of Doom" is flat out thrashing intensity. Later cuts like "Living Lifeless" and "Searching For Nothing" have a more moody feel but still crunch.

Vocalist Brian Gamblin has a husky and fairly appealing voice, but if any aspect of Titan's Eve could use work, it's his vocals. I just kept hearing something like Helstar's James Rivera or Ripper Owens cutting loose on these tracks. Brian is by no means poor but just doesn't have the chops of the very best. I'm hoping that will come in time!

Anybody into Nevermore, Testament, Omen and the aforementioned Helstar owes it to their ears and metal soul to check out "The Divine Equal". It's a terrific debut album!