"Sweet Dreams"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Power prog with the emphasis on "power" is what this NYC band dishes out. They are the hipsters' latest darlings in the Big Apple, but I'll try not to hold that against them. They sure can play and dish out five lengthy jams full of high energy, guitar-keyboard duels, sci-fi noises and hardly any vocals whatsoever. The lack of singing does tend to make this drag at certain points and since the brief vocals heard during "Wooded Altar Beyond the Wander" are quite acceptable for this kind of music, I wonder why they are not used more?

With the exception of the synth-drenched soundscape "Synthasaurs", Titan serves up long and heavy prog workouts that mix classic influences like ELP, King Crimson and Rush with more modern styles ala Dream Theater and Spock's Beard. They prefer things up-tempo and crunchy, starting with the title track, which is based on a lot of arpeggiated guitar runs and keyboard bombast. "Wooded Altar Beyond the Wander" and "Highlands of Orick" follow in much the same vein. "Maximum Soberdrive" tries to end things on a huge note, but the constant series of false climaxes and drawn out crescendoes ultimately becomes tedious.

Highly recommended to the prog fan who likes things jacked up and bombastic, I would suggest others to listen before buying.