“Come On Home, Stranger”

By Dr. Abner Mality

This is the singular Tile, not to be confused with the plural Tiles, the Rush-like prog band that’s been kicking around for years. To tell the truth, Tile is about the furthest away you can get from Tiles. These cats play raw and sludgy noise rock…and it kicks ass!

Imagine a cross between the blunt force trauma of the first Helmet album and the tar-like consistency of sludgers like Weedeater and Eyehategod. Toss in a little of the weirdness of Killdozer and catchiness of Torche. Here we have “Come ON Home, Stranger”. They open the show with thunderous heaviness in “Change the World”…a great thick guitar sound, pounding drums and snarky lyrics yelled out like a drunk in a bar fight. Tile keep the basic approach simple, but over the course of 12 songs here, they show surprising adeptness at mixing things up and keeping the album moving. “Flammable Human” and “I’ll End You” toss in a cleaner, leaner guitar twang before smothering heaviness kicks back in. “Play Safe” is a highlight that moves along in upbeat fashion with cool riffing that is a bit less punishing than the rest of the album. The record ends up with 3 of the chunkiest, most repetitive cuts, finishing things off with a bang.

This one is a real keeper if you’re into the heavier end of the noise rock spectrum and even fans of straight sludge and doom will find plenty to like here. Very good record from Tile!