“And Darkness Fell”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Ugly, primitive Christ-hating metal from these cult misanthropes. They give it to Jesus right on the chin, the poor guy can’t catch a break. Think of Archgoat, Profanatica and even Hellhammer if you need easy reference points. 2 to 3 minute tracks that ooze with simple riffs, accompanied by incoherent screams and wind tunnel roars. I really think there are no lyrics on this thing…the song titles seem to convey everything you need to know about where TFS is coming from…”Corpse of the Crucified”, “Destruction of the Holy Sepulchre”, “Scourge Him”, “Mocked and Despised”. This is very much a band with a one track mind.

I would find it very tedious except that they have a knack for writing just the right kind of ugly riffs. And the production is just what is needed for this kind of blasphemous attack. The band makes sure they are not TOO murky…the bass is hideous, the drums clear. I actually prefer these guys to Profanatica. Just keep in mind this is simplistic to the point of retardation and that you get nothing but anti-Christian blasphemy in spades. If you’re OK with that, then this is actually a top notch album.