By Dr. Abner Mality

Tamas Katai is an alchemist, a wizard, a mad scientist of sound. While we’re at it, let’s throw “genius” in there, too. Somehow he manages to take sounds that I would ordinarily hate or ignore and make me love them. I’ve been a huge fan of Thy Catafalque since “Rengeteg”, which I think will always be my favorite T.C. release. But “Geometria” comes close. This is an album where you can hear almost ANYTHING, yet it all flows so seamlessly together.

There’s definitely more of an electronica/techno feel to “Geometria” this time around. Lots of rigid beats and soothing, smooth synth work underlying the basic framework. But so much is layered on top of that foundation…doom metal, folk, fusion, prog metal. It’s all in Katai’s native Hungarian tongue, but you won’t be concerned with lyrics when you listen to Thy Catafalque. The vocals are just more instruments for Katai to work with…there’s some beautiful female stuff and  some folkish male singing tossed n. Even black metal shrieks make an appearance. Hell, this guy even makes AUTOTUNE sound cool…a hitherto impossible feat!

There really ae no boundaries here. If something fits Katai’s vision, he’ll use it. Like the saxophone on “Toltes” or the sweet gypsy violins that begin “Tenger, Tenger” and pop up elsewhere when needed. ”Szamojed Fresko” starts with a speedy blast and throat ripping screams, but winds up somewhere else entirely. “Sarember” mixes moody metal and folk-fusion for a smooth, smoky listen. “Lagyresz” has more metal aggression but also electro infuences as well. “Hajo” is soothing and restful. Album ending “Enek a buzamezokrol” has doom metal crunch, but violins and female singing give it tremendous melody.

Another amazing smorgasbord of sound from Tamas and Thy Catafalque. I’ve just barely skimmed the surface here. If you are a lover of music without boundaries, you need to experience “Geometria”…truly progressive.