By Dr. Abner Mality

Looking for rock that’s hard and gritty? The four ladies of Thundermother are here to serve your needs! This is some ass-kicking rock n roll strongly influenced by AC/DC and 70’s heavy blues. Surprisingly, the band is not from Texas or California, but rather Sweden!

This is a fun record brimming with 13 punchy and effective songs. “We Fight for Rock N Roll” starts with the same bell that tolled for AC/DC’s “Hell’s Bells” and jumps into a guitar arpeggio right out of “Thunderstuck”. This is where Thundermother tips its hat to the Aussies with no questions asked. Other cracking tunes like “Survival Song” and “Revival” also have that AC/DC feel but there’s more to this band than that. “Follow Your Heart” is a melodic, upbeat tune that would have made a great single in the 70’s when this kind of rock ruled the airwaves. “Quitter” and “Rip Your Heart Out” are faster and meaner than the typical AC/DC. “Fire IN the Rain” and “Hanging At My Door” are more accessible and have a melodic Southern rock feel to them.

Lead singer Guernica Mancini has a great voice for this kind of music, with strong, smoky pipes. The female vocals also give Thundermother some more individuality. The guitar duties are handled by Filippa Nassil and she does a great job of keeping things tight and gritty. The lady Angus? Sure sounds like it to me.

Nothing fancy or complicated about Thundermother and that’s probably the best reason to check this out if you like pure hard rock n roll.