“Helm of Awe”

By Theron Moore

In this age of pandemic, it’s becoming few and far between—even rare-- that good music is getting released and when you do hear something good, something worthy to add to your record collection, it is a day to rejoice. Today is that day. THRUST has recently released “Helm of Awe” and what an epic mountain of molten metal it is!

Track one, “Black River” is the heaviest, most lethal song THRUST has ever recorded and they did the right thing in opening the record with it. In fact, “Black River” may be the heaviest, most metallic song that ANY band has released this year. I know those are potentially fighting words but I stand by the truth. Take a listen, you’ll agree.
“Blood in the Sky” picks up where “Black River” left off and instantly reminds me of “Sorceress” from their last album, “Harvest of Souls”. I mention these songs for a reason. Like “Sorceress”, THRUST aren’t writing metal songs to fill a record. They are writing anthems for people to identify with, which few, if any, bands are doing today. Does this surprise me? No, THRUST has proven over and over they are the best at what they do and they have the catalog to prove it.

Even when the band slows down a bit, like they did for “Killing Bridge”, THRUST still hits you with a wall of steel in trademark tsunami like fashion, “Helm of Awe” is classic, traditional heavy metal made loud to be played loud.  Every song is a proud homage to this genre and a celebration of it. “Helm of Awe” is the best record THRUST has made and maybe one of the top 5 classic metal records of the last 20 years and that’s saying a lot, because their last record “Harvest of Souls” has a place in that list as well. Don’t be a poser, buy this record.