By Theron Moore

Gotta admit, never heard of this band.  Not much of a stoner rock aficionado although I do enjoy certain bands of the genre as well as a bit of the ole mean green itself on occasion.  Have to come clean, I enjoyed Throttlerod’s “Turncoat” which as I understand it, is the first record the band has put out in seven years since their previous release “Pig Charmer.”  

Southern fried weed N roll by way of Richmond Virginia, South Carolina removed.  Throttlerod’s down homies managed to avoid channeling generic Sabbath in favor of Seattle’s Skin Yard and dare I say, more traditional hard rock throughout the record?  And it’s heavy without trying hard which for me says more about how in touch they are as a band with their identity than a lot of other groups I’ve recently listened to that strain to prove who they are.  

Throttlerod’s sound is eclectic but heavy without having to try, the sign of a band that’s firing on all cylinders. The band takes its time building songs, one musical layer at a time, piecing tones together like puzzle pieces with the vocals being the perfect final fit.  Don’t expect Electric Wizard or Sleep with Throttlerod.  This band demands your time and attention to bond with and rightfully so, the songs deserve it.  Great, great record.  Seek it out.  Light a candle.  Pour a glass of wine.  Let it speak to you.