“Pestilent Dawn”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Ripping out of Michigan comes this molten assault of pure American death metal. I think if these guys would have hit in the 90’s, they’d be right up there with SUFFOCATION and MALEVOLENT CREATION, the bands they most resemble. But in the beyond dystopian musical scene of 2021, it has become impossible for even worthy new acts to get a fraction of what they’re due.

Well, nothing can be done about that situation, so get your neck brace and crash helmet ready for “Pestilent Dawn”. This absolutely takes no prisoners in that old MALEVOLENT CREATION style. There’s a useless intro and outro, but that goes without saying, anymore. What I like about THRONE is that they have relentless energy, yet the songs have a feeling of individuality to them. They don’t jumble together in a mass. The second half of the album in particular proves this. “Born of Death” is straight thrash inspired DM, crisp and clean, while “Beyond Malice” is a brooding, ominous monster with an incredibly raw and dissonant solo.  The album proper ends with “All Creation Wept”, where a black metal influence reminiscent of BELPHEGOR is noticeable.

These guys would go down a treat at any underground metalfest (if such things ever appear again). They are precise yet mayhemic, well versed instrumentally yet chaos. The future should be bright for these morbid maniacs.