“Prisoner of Disaster”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Thrash Bombz hail from the south of Italy and guess what? They play thrash metal! Quite competently as a matter of fact and if you’re starved for a taste of the fast stuff, they will satisfy your craving. But truthfully, there’s nothing really special on display here.

“Prisoner of Disaster” is a very short album and some may see that as fitting the thrash paradigm, but honestly a couple of extra songs wouldn’t have hurt at all. When these guys are at full blast, like “Apocalypse: Prepare Yourself to Die” and “Mafia Demonz”, they are pretty darn good. The former song in particular is quite a thrash epic that reminds me a bit of Mortal Sin.  But there are also some odd moments here, like a middling cover of WASP’s “The Torture Never Stops” and a real anticlimactic instrumental “The Headquarter” to finish things off. It’s a classic example of a glass half full.

The sound is more than adequate and there is a good level of energy, but the Bombz are squarely in the middle of the retro-thrash pack. I do like this better than countrymen Ultraviolence, however!