"Piling Up"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Once again we find ourselves in Rogga's World, a place where Swedish death metal supersedes rap, pop and every other form of music known. A place where rotting corpses and Lovecraftian monstrosities are as common as cats and dogs. This is the land that Rogga Johanson rules with an iron fist.

Those Who Bring The Torture are yet another of Rogga's endless series of death metal bands. And like most of the others, it is solid and enjoyable. He has mined this territory until it should be empty yet he keeps coming up with winners. TWBTT are not the heaviest, rawest or most morbid of Rogga's many bands but they just might be the most professional sounding. This album is surprisingly slick in sound and the metal is catchy and easy to latch onto even though every single minute here is death metal to the max.

This is the comfort food, the mashed potatoes and gravy, of the death metal world. "Under Twin Suns" starts with morbid Swedish riffing that is soothing to the soul and the album never really looks back. Melody seems to be a bit more prevalent than on other Rogga-helmed projects and that stands out particularly on "The Gateway". "Incomprehensible" is a special favorite with some really cool mid-paced groove, although "A Dead Cold Space" comes very close with riffs that are as familiar as that old Guns N Roses shirt you bought back in 88.

Summing up, Those Who Bring The Torture also bring the Familiar and while "Piling Up" won't blow anybody through the roof, it is as satisfyng as most of the journeys through Rogga's World.